Friday, July 19, 2013

Pre-order Details for Signed Copies

You can order a signed copy now! This is a pre-sale, so you will need to pay now. Your signed copy will find its way to your mailbox around the end of September 2013.

How Do I Get A Copy?
Step 1: Send your name and address via a Private Message on my Facebook page or to my email. Here are the links:

Step 2: I will calculate your postage based on your location. I will then let you know via email or Facebook message along with my paypal details.
Step 3: Send your money through to be put on the official order list.
Step 4: Wait for your book to arrive!

If you find your postage is too high or you just can't afford it at the moment, do not worry! Order the book later when it comes out on Amazon and then order a signed bookplate from me to stick in your book. Don't feel obligated to accept my postage quote - you will only be added to the official order list once you have paid!

I cannot refund you your money if you change your mind after the closing date as I will order the books straight away and the money will have left my hands.


 Orders will close at midnight AEST (which is +10 on your international clocks) on the 27th of July 2013. I'm really sorry but I will not be taking orders after this time.

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