Thursday, July 18, 2013

All the news!

It's been soooo long! That said, I tend to find vlogs so much easier to do (especially the lazy, non-edited type) so I might post those more than actual blogs. That said, everything is going really well with the set-up for my book through createspace (Amazon's publishing platform) and it should be right to go mid-September if the IRS gets back to me in a decent time frame. I'm just waiting on an American version of a tax file number so that any copies sold through Amazon are taxed properly, but until then, I am able to order my own copies and sell them myself. So keep an eye out because I'll be doing a pre-order of copies that I will sign and send out myself very soon. Hopefully I'll make a proper announcement this weekend regarding prices etc.

Until then, here is the front cover of my book - it looks so awesome in real life!


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